SIP Trunking

Whether or not Marston’s Telecoms are providing you with a brand new telephony system, or your current line contract is coming to an end, we are here to help you with your voice connectivity needs.

Marston’s Telecoms offer extremely competitive rates into
organisations of all sizes, be this analogue, ISDN2, ISDN 30 or SIP Trunks, we provide the right solution for your needs.

Today, increasing SIP trunks are now widely deployed and linked to Marston’s Telecoms highly reliable network. This means your external calls can be routed over your broadband connection with substantial savings versus ISDN or PSTN costs.

In fact, with BT phasing out ISDN by 2025, planning for SIP trunking right now is essential. Marston’s Telecoms are here to help to ensure that this technology will work for you.

As well as being highly cost-effective, SIP trunks also offer flexibility for diverse and mobile work forces. Many customers are now using a mixture of Marston’s Telecoms call technologies to deliver business continuity wherever communications are required.

In addition, deployment of SIP trunks can be carried out quickly and with free ‘on net’ calls joined with our great call plans costs, can be reduced dramatically.

Although ISDN will no longer be available in coming years, right now it still provides an excellent choice for resilience when designing your network requirements. Marston’s Telecoms offer a range of routers linked with our network connectivity services which ensure your business is always on, regardless of what changes occur.

Of course, ISDN can still be your primary voice connectivity and we can advise the most suitable approach to your long term planning.

Regardless of your final call technology choice, Marston’s Telecoms will design your call planning to budget. If you are planning geographic or non-geographic call routing, we can work with you so you are no longer tied to a physical location. This creates a local or national presence for your business.

We can also assist with the design of disaster recovery in the event of fire, flood or bad weather, meaning published numbers can be transferred seamlessly without loss of service.

Marston’s Telecoms also deal with all the necessary administration to transfer important business numbers on your behalf so you can be assured of business continuity.

Our local, national or international call rates are highly competitive, for businesses looking for a sensible regular monthly bill. We offer a range of call packages to suit your call volumes and usual destinations with generous call allowances.