E-Pub & E-Hospitality

E-Pub and E-Hospitality brings together a family of digital products and solutions combined with Marston’s Telecoms connectivity. They have been shown to enhance the frequency of customer visits, improve customer attraction with higher footfall and increase spend per head.


Secure and compliant communication environment

Delivered over a secure and reliable network

Creating an enhanced customer experience

Our heritage means we fully understand the need to design and deploy the right E-Pub and E-Hospitality technologies to deliver the ultimate results and experience for your hospitality venue.
Marston’s Telecoms will ensure good data communications by linking EPOS and fast payment transactions together within our Level 1 PCI compliant network to assist with your own financial compliance. We can assist in delivering the appropriate networking infrastructure for your business from structured cabling and wireless network, allowing the freedom and flexibility of both fixed and hand-held devices through to EPOS, digital signage, music and gaming.

Our range of telephony systems will ensure that your venue can talk to the outside world with our range of fixed handsets or DECT phones for staff that need to be on the move. We will ensure you never lose a call and our phone systems will get your callers to the right person or department in the quickest time, even during your busiest periods.