Managed WiFi

Whether it’s for staff, guests or customers, having a more secure and reliable broadband connection and wireless network is becoming an essential part of life and a standard requirement for today’s businesses.

At Marston’s Telecoms, like our parent company Marston’s PLC, we firmly understand that the right broadband connectivity along with a user friendly and easy to use Wi-Fi Network brings both critical business efficiencies to your devices plus a great opportunity to interact with your customers. From a single pub or restaurant business to holiday resorts and entertainment venues, Marston’s Telecoms can provide the right solution to suit your needs and budget.

Working with our key technology vendors, we will help you to survey, design, build and support the WiFi solution that is right for your organisation. This makes it easy to manage and monitor in-house or leave it all to us for a fully managed service.

We can assist with location tracking and analytics giving you a deeper understanding of your WiFi users, marketing opportunities and staff workflow analytics by having footfall and location heat-maps. Marston’s Telecoms Hotspot service makes the perfect partner to any WiFi network for connecting you to your customers and is available as an additional option with our managed WiFi portfolio.

For peace of mind, all our WiFi solutions our fully scalable so regardless of your business size, you can ‘pay as you grow’ with one single administration interface. This looks after your policy setting, content filtering, application and bandwidth usage, all depending on user permissions and access rights across your network.

Most importantly, your WiFi network has to put your business first. Linked with Marston’s Telecoms great range of business connectivity, we can give up to the minute insight on application usage and prioritise mission critical applications throttling back bandwidth on low priority activity.

Your protection is also very important to us and within our WiFi designs, we will look at GDPR data compliance and protect you by ensuring that you operate within the law and that your network is not subject to misuse which could result in your organisation facing prosecution.

Marston’s Telecoms WiFi managed services are available for any sized venue ensuring that your users can enjoy high speed and secure connectivity wherever they are located.