Infrastructure & Security


Marston’s Telecoms ‘Private Cloud’ offers your organisation on demand virtual servers and storage developed to deliver outstanding reliability and business results at an affordable price on a network that guarantees the lowest latency possible.

Fully managed 24/7, our highly available platform can be adapted to your business needs in terms of performance and resilience enabling you to create your own server images to run your own applications, libraries and organisational server needs to be delivered throughout your organisation regardless of where your users are located.

Should you require the hosting of your own hardware then we have secure and diverse data centre spaces available according to your needs that again can be connected to the Marston’s Telecoms Network to maintain high levels of performance for your business needs. With our large capacity multiple Internet breakouts, we can ensure that your performance across the web is never compromised when ‘off net’ and your security is counter mount to us and covered by our high level security policies where required.


Marston’s Telecoms Network is securely protected with the latest Internet gateway security layer technology and is available for our customers as a fully managed service. Each customer security gateway deployed protects your infrastructure and will monitor and inspect the different type of traffic and applications giving your core network full unified threat management (UTM) protection.

Once deployed, your organisation will be protected at the core breakout against general security attacks and will provide application control, advanced persistent threat protection, Web and content filtering, IP reputation, integrated WLAN controller, intrusion prevention system plus antimalware.

You may of course wish to consider additional security at your user level but Marston’s Telecoms will ensure that your core breakout is fully protected and we are here to help on any areas of your security concerns and can assist and build a full security strategy through our leading technology vendor relationships.